Contents (Book 2)

Main Meals      
Creamy Pasta Meals   Rice – Ways of Cooking Rice  
Fish   Mince  
Chicken   Frittatas  
Sausages   Lamb  
Beef   How to Cook Steak  
Savoury Pancakes   Microwave Cooking  
Pressure Cooker   Slow Cooker  
Cooking with Herbs and Spices      
Biscuits and Slices   Biscuits containing breakfast cereals
Refrigerated and/or Frozen Biscuit Dough   Marshmallow Slices  
Cakes   Sponges  
Muffins   Scones  
Sweet Pies or Tarts and Pastries   Desserts  
Gluten Free Cooking      
Mum's Hints      
Making the Most of your Food Processor   Check List of Kitchen Utensils  
Check List for the Pantry   Decoding Ingredients in American recipes  
Measurement Conversions   Simple Conversions  
Cooking Terms and what they mean   Oven Temperature Guide  
Substitutions   Index  
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