A collection of basic, everyday, easy recipes using familiar ingredients. With some old fashioned Australian favourites like Anzac biscuits, Lemon Delicious, Caramel Tart made with brown sugar and eggs, Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemonade or Pumpkin Scones.
There are numerous dinner recipes - including Pasta Bakes, Mince dishes, Casseroles and quick, easy meals that are a good alternative to take aways.
Also included a number of conversion charts and loads of helpful hints. 
Written in easy to follow steps with hints from 'Mum'.

Book 2 is now available

More everyday recipes - meals, desserts, cakes and biscuits.  Extra chapters on cooking in a microwave, slow cooker or pressure cooker.  Also a chapter with gluten- free recipes.

Books available as eBooks

Both books are availabe as eBooks in a variety of formats to suit various readers.